OC New Wave
12703 Sunset Ave Unit 5`, Ocean City Maryland

New Wave began when Cathy Donovan and her husband, the late Michael Donovan, moved to Ocean City in 1979 and opened the Village Barn, a home accessories store, in the 45th Street Village. The couple was not using the loft space above the store when it was suggested to them that they get involved in the T-shirt business. The Donovans attended a screen printing trade show that winter. New Wave opened in the loft in the spring of 1980. The pair ran the wholesale business with only one employee, artist Scott Harrington. Their first customer was the Bearded Clam on Wicomico Street in Ocean City, and the bar is still a loyal client of New Wave to this day.

In 2012, Cathy’s daughter Colleen and Colleen’s husband Matt joined the New Wave business and began expanding. Currently, the business is growing each year and the company has hired several employees to assist with the many new accounts that New Wave services.

OC New Wave
Logan Hall Photography

Professional photography services!

Logan has a passion for all things photography. He is self-taught and is always looking for new ways to diversify his skill set and increase his photographic knowledge.

We offer a variety of services, from fine art wildlife photography to real estate and family portraits.  If you’re interested in aerial photography we can help there too! Logan became an FAA certified remote sUAS pilot in 2018, just in case you’re interested in using drones for your next project!

Contact us for your next shoot, whether it’s aerial images of your property or a portrait session for your dog we’re excited for the opportunity to work with you!

Logan Hall
Thru My Lens Photography, LLC
3829 Algonquin Trail
Snow Hill, MD

Thru My Lens Photography, LLC specializes in creative and unique portrait art. Photographs are a visual story of our lives and it is a privilege to be able to create one-of-a-kind memorable portrait art for every single client. As a photographer and portrait artist, I fuse photography and digital art to tell each client’s unique story. I invest a substantial amount of time in each client to ensure the ultimate portrait experience, producing amazing portrait art.

Instagram: @joescukanec

Joe Scukanec