How Cool is Berlin?

Berlin is so cool that...

2 feature films were filmed here - Tuck Everlasting and Runaway Bride.
There are countless fun events, several new businesses, shops, art studios, restaurants and eateries.
It’s a short drive to white sandy beaches of Ocean City, and Assateague Island National Seashore.
Voted America’s coolest small town by Budget Travel in 2014...and it’s only getting cooler.
A man being interviewed at a store

Meet our newest member

Toby Gilbert of Gilberts Provisions

The business owners in Berlin are like family…actually they are family. Our newest chamber member is Toby Gilbert, the talented professional chef son of Dee Gilbert, owner of Nest. Toby has been hand crafting food in some of the best restuarants on Delmarva and has now crafted his own artisan cheese and charcuterie business. The residents in town were more than curious about what Toby had up his sleeve when he decided to take on the arduous task of renovating the empty garage space adjoined to Bruder Hill Boutique.

“Everyone thought I was a little bit crazy, but I’ve had this concept in my head for years.”