There is something special about doing business in Berlin. People feel the love, support, and positive spirit of just about any business owner they talk to. We have a unique cooperation between the Town of Berlin Government and the Berlin Chamber of Commerce. From our seasonal events, to the daily grind our team of volunteers and professionals are ready to go to bat for you, our friends and our neighbors. We’re not just here to help keep the lights on, we’re going to make Berlin shine!

Members enjoy support through the Chamber of Commerce’s social media resources, discounts on advertising and vendor fees, exclusive sponsorship opportunities for our immensely popular events and critical access to a community that has been cultivated and nurtured for decades. Being a member of our Chamber of Commerce does more than you would expect to bind your organization’s mission to our neighborhood. We strive to bring the breadth of Berlin’s varied strengths to bear in a network of mutual support among Businesses, Non-Profits, Social Groups, Educators and individuals, and we succeed.

Our Membership Rates are straightforward, and it’s one of our primary goals to be sure that every member get’s their money’s worth

  • General Membership for businesses or organizations with fewer than 5 employees : $135
  • General Membership for businesses or organizations with 5 or more employees: $175
  • General Membership for local non-profit organizations: $110

There are, of course, also many opportunities for aspiring members to negotiate in-kind memberships through sponsorships, donations and service.

We look forward to working with you to Connect, Support, and Grow your business! 

Join The Chamber!