Jul. 8th
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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SMMCOC and Michael White Present: Building your Bond Capacity Workshop

an online class


Surety Bonds and Commercial Insurance Specialist

“What you will learn” from the workshop

  • How a Surety Bond Program Works and Commercial Liability Insurance Workshop
  • Who needs a Surety Bond
  • How to become eligible for a Surety Bond Program
  • Having the proper General Liability Insurance Coverages
  • Protecting your business as a subcontractor

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Contractors of all types can find themselves in need of a surety bond. Whether it’s for a construction project, an agricultural venture, or something else entirely, a surety bond provides financial protection in the event that the contractor fails to meet their obligations. This type of bond is usually required by the contracting party, and it can be obtained through a surety company. The premium for the bond is typically based on the Contractor’s credit score and history, as well as the size and scope of the project. In some cases, the Contracting party may also require collateral to secure the bond. Regardless of the requirements, a surety bond provides peace of mind for both the Contractor and the Contracting party, and it helps to ensure that the project will be completed as agreed.