Jul. 17th
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
The Greyhound Indie Bookstore

Heather Balog is a self proclaimed “Bad Mommy” and the author of thirteen books, including the Amy Maxwell Cozy Mystery Series and the Lexie Maxwell Series for young readers. She has been writing ever since she could reach the keys on her grandmother’s typewriter and pound out nonsensical stories that she would force her younger siblings to act out. She has been blogging at “The Bad Mommy Diaries” for six years, which, according to her family, is mostly obnoxious exaggeration, but it’s much cheaper than therapy. Heather loves all things related to books and reading, so she recently created Bad Mommy Reads, a You Tube Channel (and blog) to talk about books with other book nerds.

When Heather is not writing or complaining on her blog, she’s a school nurse, taxi driver, household Sudoku champion, and a runner with way too many aches and pains to be any good. She lives with her husband and her two children who all make fun of her inability to exist without the help of a Post-It note list on a daily basis and her inability to cook a decent meal. She also has a very needy dog who does not make fun of her, but wakes her up in the middle of the night to frolic in the yard, and empties the garbage in the kitchen ten times a day just to get her blood pressure boiling.

Visit her blog at : http://www.thebadmommydiaries.com , her book website http://www.badmommyreads.com or her Bad Mommy Reads You Tube Channel.