Jul. 27th
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
The Greyhound Indie Bookstore

Daniel, proud Welshman, teacher, artist, and author, became interested in birds at the age of eleven after spending time with the famous British Ornithologist, Sir Peter Scott and it was birds which were the subject of his first artworks. Dan is a self-taught watercolor and pastel artist and was drawn to Chincoteague Island because of its art community, birdlife and life by the sea. His art is on display at “Tryfan Gallery” named after his favorite Welsh mountain.

In 2018, Daniel published The Come’ere: From Wales to Chincoteague Island, which traces his path from from the remote mountains of North Wales to Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

His latest release, A Year on the Tump, unveils the seasons of life on Chincoteague Island – the wonder of its natural surroundings, its hearty down-to-earth people, and life in a small community. Told with artistic imagery and humor, where the sights and sounds of the front porch are more intriguing than television or the internet, Daniel Thomas takes the reader to a place where everyone knows your name, or at least your business.