Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Maryland Coastal Bays Program
Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Since 1996 the Maryland Coastal Bays Program has worked to weave economic and environmental prosperity into one.

Through education and outreach programs, restoration projects and involvement with the business community, builders, residents, visitors and government leaders, the Maryland Coastal Bays Program works to improve water quality, protect habitat and enhance forests and wetlands.

MCBP partners, along with local farmers, fisherman, business owners and scientists, have produced the first ever Coastal Bays Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan (CCMP link).

This plan represents a consensus of the best means needed to preserve the economic and ecological prosperity of the coastal bays in the next century. With help from local, state and federal planners and scientists, strategies include reachable scientific goals and the most effective means for implementing them.

Community support has created this plan and will drive it in the future. Ultimately it is the residents of this estuary who are the arbiters of its prosperity.

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