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On this part of the Berlin Arts and Entertainment web site, we would like to highlight the artists in the District. If you are a ‘qualifying residing artist’, and would like to be featured on this web site, please E-mail us at and we will get in touch. We would like short bios, photos, web site links, etc. We want to promote you and your work.

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Berlin A&E District Artists:

Patty Falck

Judy Fisher

John Fisher

Jeffrey Auxer

Glass Artist

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Steve Frene

Pete Cosby


Lynne Lockhart


Kirk McBride

Marge Coyman


I am enjoying the freedom of time that retirement offers and making art in a variety of mediums that intrigue me. I work in pastels, oils and use polymer clay as a diversion.

I was educated in the 60’s in the northeast and directed to be ‘free and loose’ with my art, and for years floundered with abstract expressionism as my model. Teaching art for 30 years required me to become knowledgeable in a multitude of mediums. I focused my teaching on helping the individual student find the best way to personally express him/herself. I produced a number of highly successful artists and my success as a teacher was their success as a creative artist.

In retirement, I finally have the opportunity to pursue my own art. I choose to work in pastels and oils. I photograph my subject matter and then paint realistic interpretations of the images.

I don’t know where my art will go, but I do know that I am doing what I need to be doing at this time.

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Patrick Henry


Ned McIntosh


My name is Ned McIntosh. I live at 108 Quillin Drive, Berlin; my phone number is 410 641 9502.

I am an author and playwright, with four books published by McGraw Hill and a recent musical, “Golden Slippers,” the best attended feature event at the Berlin 2006 Spring Arts Festival, drawing a combined audience of over 500 at the Berlin Intermediate School on May 7th. It’s objective was to involve more of the Berlin African American community in the town’s arts and entertainment programs, and served as a conduit to meet that goal by bringing the cast of 60 actors, singers and dancers from the UMES Drama Society to perform an original musical based on the life and music of the African American composer, James Bland.

My current project is another musical, tentatively titled, “Satchmo and Hoagy,” about the interesting interlocking lives and award-winning music of the two icons of the Jazz and Blues era, Louis Armstrong and Hoagy Carmichael. Any jazz and blues buffs would be welcomed to help in both the writing and/or the performing of the musical, which will be targeted for presentation in 2007.